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The National Real Estate Exchange Network is currently marketing a number of single tenant, bond net leased investment properties which you may want to be aware of. These properties can be very valuable to those in a 1031 or 1033 Tax-Deferred Exchange. These properties are fully leveraged and generate zero flow over the entire primary term of the lease.

The National Real Estate Exchange Network maintains a list of properties which we are currently marketing. Please note that these properties tend to move quickly and we are continuously adding to our inventory of available product. Please inquire using the below reply form regarding your specific needs. Chances are we should be able to determine the right property to fit your needs.

Popular choice for estate planning, trusts or pensions where the income which will be generated after the debt is paid off and can be left to heirs. Tax Planning Benefits include satisfying exchange requirements with very little equity, interest and depreciation deductions.

Recent examples include:

(1) Sold a store at buyer with $10 million in cash and $12 million in debt to replace from a previous sale (1031). The buyer closed with the full $10 million dollars and subsequently refinanced the property to pull out $8 million. In the end, the Buyer sheltered gain on a $22 million sale, pulled out $8 million cash tax deferred and owns the $22 million store on a bond net lease for $2.2 million in cash.

(2) Large Apartment and Commercial Office Building owner accepted an offer and closed on one of their properties, a $65 million Commercial Office Building. With the 45-day clock ticking, they were not finding any suitable replacement properties and were in a serious tax bind. Of the $65 million, $45 million was cash and $20 million was debt.. This buyer closed on a $65 million portfolio and within 2-3 weeks, pulled out $40 million in cash. With $40 million in hand tax-free, they could now take their time in negotiating a purchase of a replacement property without the gun to their head. Alternatively, they could place this cash in whatever other investment they want, even the stock market! In the mean time, they not only sheltered their gain, but immediately enjoy lots of tax benefits in the way of interest expense and depreciation on the net-leased portfolio.