Single Tenant Triple Net

Single Tenant Triple Net

Single Tenant Triple Net - Seller Input Form

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You are a licensed listing agent or agent who has full control/contact with the seller/owner directly and not through any other agent/finder expecting a commission. here and use this form. Principals, please continue to use this form.

3. Other (Explain)   

Owner Information

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: Name of Project
: Address
: City, 

Current Agency / Control:

Price     NOI     CAP Rate 

Fee Offered at Closing: 

MAI Appraisal? YES NO. If yes, date & value  :

Building Size (sq ft)     Year Built 
   : Net Leasable Area
   : Building Construction (Materials)
   : Roof Warranty & Materials

Size of Lot:     square feet     acres

Recourse       Non-Recourse
Assumable? YES   NO.   If YES, Fee  
Prepayment Penalty? YES   NO.   If YES, Fee 
Loan Amount     Maturity Date    Interest Rate
Amortization, Balloon Pmts, etc.   

Absolute NNN?   YES    NO  
Bond Type Lease?   YES    NO  
Landlord Responsibilities? YES   NO.   If YES, list 
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: Options
: Percentage Rent?

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