Institutional Sellers

Institutional Sellers

Institutional Sellers and why they enjoy our service

"21 Day Under Contract Proposal". Our Goal is to have a Qualified Property in escrow, and under contract in 21 days, as follows:

We Specialize in only one thing - Institutional Grade Investments. Here are some additional benefits Owners enjoy using The National Real Estate Exchange Network:
      We work with only Qualified Buyers that meet our criteria. Our screening methods produce ONLY Qualified Buyers who are clear on what they want, and are clear on our 21 Day Under Contract procedure for purchasing.

      Our Marketing Service is FREE. Our fees are paid in the customary commission paid for by a Seller. In most cases, this fee is shared with other brokers.

      If a property must be listed for sale with a local Real Estate agent, many owners wishing to continue to use our service simply have The National Real Estate Exchange Network excluded from the listing agreement.

      We market properties On-Line, complete with our very popular Executive Summary which can be printed out by waiting Buyers

      We are a 24-Hour service and can be accessed by anyone using a computer to locate Qualified Properties

      The National Real Estate Exchange Network is administered by Realtors with combined 28 years in Real Estate. We are members of the National Association of Realtors - subscribing to a strict Code of Ethics and Ethical Standards

      We provide a very deep database of Buyers, Sellers, and Brokers specializing in Investment Grade Properties.

      Since our business is time sensitive, we provide immediate reply to messages.

      We maintain a strict level of confidentiality with clients and agents. This is through non-circumvention and non-disclosure agreements and also by marketing properties in a method that does not initially expose the exact location of the property. Further release of information generally is done only after a Letter of Intent is received.

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