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Why Maui Hawaii?

Article by Kean Salzer

The world is full of great destinations. You may still be in the choosing phase of your vacation, and wish someone would make a case for their homeland that would help you decide. I was in Borders yesterday and in the corner was a psychiatrist trying to pry a book named 1000 Places You've Got To See Before You Die out of the hands of a whimpering client. It can be a big dilemma. But fear not. We at Maui Net have a list. That's right. Another list. We're sorry, but whatever alien species invaded our planet and infected us with List-itis made a stop in our offices too. Here's hoping we help a little. The name of the psychiatrist is at the bottom of this article.

Maui Family Vacations

10 Reasons A Maui Vacation Should Be Your Next Vacation:

1. For those of you on the fence and full of caffeine...Conde Nast has an annual poll of world travelers and for the past 8 years Maui has been voted Best Island Destination. You've got to have something going on to be voted number one every year. Every one of the Hawaiian islands has it's own nickname within the local vernacular...Maui No Ka Oi has been what local people have been saying about Maui for hundreds of years. What does it mean? Maui is the best. A hui hou...let's go...need more convincing...read on.

2. The tallest coconut tree rule: Somewhere in our past someone on the county council decided that no building should be approved that was taller than the tallest coconut tree, so while we have great buildings they don't block out the sun and dwarf you into insignificance. There is a wide open feeling of paradise in the air.

3. You understand the money. You may not understand how a gallon of milk costs $5, but you won't be uttering this sad question, "Did I accidentally tip the bellman $100?...I think this pink one is a hundred..." Our currency is your currency. Hopefully your currency will soon be our currency, and that brings us to number 4.

4. Most Maui residents know that 75 cents of every dollar we carry in our wallet originated in the hands of a recent tourist, and when that's the case you have a very strong appreciation for this tribe called Visitors. We love tourists. We love our island. We love to share it and take our friends and family all over when they come. I don't know about you but I don't like to go to places where tourists are the enemy. It seems strange to be asked to apologize for dropping 10% of my annual income in the hands of someone who wished I hadn't come. E Komo Mai...that's hawaiian for welcome, come in and make yourself at home. We mean it. It's part of the Aloha Spirit and that's one of the reasons we pay so much for milk.

5. You can understand the directions. You won't be able to pronounce the street names, but you won't be standing on a train platform trying to read a list of choices that may land you in Bulgaria or desperately searching thru your handy dandy English to Slovenian phrase book wondering if the stranger just said Bulgasi or Bofasi...because..."wait...here it is...no, I don't want to order a pig snout sandwich. Ummm". We speak English. Actually we speak a version of American called SurferSpeak, dude. And when we try to help you find your restaurant we might say "go down past the big mango tree and turn left at the shave ice stand that has the mural on the side wall", but that's fun, and you won't end up with a greasy snout sandwich running for a train with an angry Bulgarian ticket agent.

6. No Weird Border Incidents. Just heard from a friend who went to the Caribbean. Had the papers he needed to leave the USA. When he landed the foreign customs agent said he didn't have the right papers to enter the country. Ten hours and nine hundred dollars later he's back on the plane for Miami. You may have to take off your shoes and leave your bottled water in the waste can, but you know the drill and you won't get the big surprise. Hate the big surprise.

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