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Explore Maui: Bryan Bangerter

I was on Maui for a week in late May in between work and music. School had just...

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Marti Writes on Maui Restaurants

In case you haven't noticed, Kapalua is witnessing a Renaissance. The razed Bay...

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Elliott Cost: All Things Maui

The other day I was talking over Skype with a friend in Australia and I decided...

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True life tales from a Hawaiian hula dancer

The conch shell blows to signify the start of the luau. The drums beat rhythmically,...

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Ryan Spencer: Life on Maui

Driving home one day thinking about my move to the mainland I began to ponder all...

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Judy Edwards: Green Maui

I work in the field of natural resources, a statement that seems like a bad pun when...

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Ray Mains: Maui Photography

I love teaching photography. I teach at the local college and have a great time...

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Shena Koch on Maui Weddings

It's another beautiful Maui wedding day. I'm at Kapalua Bay with a newly Maui'd...

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Kean Salzer: Best of Maui

Pacific Whale Foundation deserves a heartfelt mahalo for creating such an amazing...

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