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Spa Splendor

Nourish your body and spirit at one of Maui's superlative spas, where ancient spa traditions from the East and West mingle with Hawaii's indigenous healing practices.

Get Maui'd

Planning a Maui wedding? Borrow these practical tips from another Maui bride!

Where On Maui?

Maui is only one small island, but it includes some very distinct regions. Join us for an overview that will give you the facts you need to pick the perfect setting for your Maui vacation.

The Best of Maui

Learn about the little things that make Maui special – customs, quirks, and island favorites.

Make Yourself at Home: Maui's Stunning Private Villas

From party palaces to intimate tropical hideaways, private vacation rentals include the priceless benefit of feeling right at home in paradise.

Ice Bars and Hearts in the Sky

An extravagant Maui wedding knows few boundaries. Learn how today's brides & grooms tie the knot in style.

It's All About the Beach

It's 7:00 am in a rented condo on Maui. Outside, only the mynah birds are stirring, but inside, you grow gradually aware of a small voice asking an absurd question, "Mom? Dad? Are you awake? Can we go to the beach?"

Accommodations on Maui

Dream of sunbathing outside your beachfront villa or counting wild orchids from a rustic tree house? Maui offers tropical getaways of every sort, from A-list resorts to no-fuss condos.

Hawaiian Time

There is a phenomenon that almost every visitor experiences on their first trip to Maui that no one expects. They come back more alive than they've been in a long, long time.

Maui With the Kids

You've booked your flights for your family, arranged the hotel, and dusted off the flippers. Now, are you ready to make a lei, pick a pineapple, play giant checkers with coconut shells, and dive into the charm and special ambiance of Maui life?

Baby Boomers Discover Cruises

Are Baby Boomers that much different from other cruise passengers? According to many cruise line executives this one group of guests has created more changes in cruise ship programming than any other travelers since Noah's Ark.

Men's Titanium Wedding Bands – An Excellent Choice for the Modern Man

Most couples coming to Maui for their Maui wedding bring their wedding rings with them. Here's some excellent advice for the groom on what to consider when selecting his Maui wedding band.

Why Maui Hawaii?

The world is full of great destinations. Why should the island of Maui be yours? We've got ten good reasons a Maui Hawaii vacation should be your next vacation.

Exploring the Tools of Spiritual Healing

Barbara Singer discusses the traditional use of tools such as wands and scepters in modern spiritual healing practices.

I Know There's a Word For It...

Lizz Christed wonders at her title of healer. Is there a better name, given that it is not actually the healer who does the work?