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Location doesn’t mean everything.

I’ve been to Maui many times, and the Grand Wailea seemed like a nice place to make base camp. After all it had water slides, it was on nice grounds, so what could go wrong? Well, let me put it this way, I’m writing this from the room while the rest of my family can’t pack fast enough.

I had been here before and had experienced many disconcerting problems, but I figured, anyone can have a bad week. Little did I know that all though problems were not anomalies and appear to be almost a policy. $250 - $750 a night is a lot of money to secure your family in having a bad vacation.

If your idea of a vacation is a restful and peaceful place with a courteous staff, the Maui’s Grand Wailea is not your hotel.

I can go on and list all the many problems with the Maui Grand Wailea, but I’m sure the limiter on these reviews would cut me off. You want some specifics…

1. You now have to pay for a refrigerator

2. Now the hotel staff continually rolls refrigerator carts, up and down your hallway which is made of a thick Spanish tile. If you can’t picture it, just think of continuous freight trains rolling past your door every 5 minutes, day and night. This continuous noise and shaking also comes from the luggage and in-room dining carts.

3. Management doesn’t really care. No return call from GM, and front desk manager has no effect.

4. Continuous maintenance on adjacent rooms both times I was here.

5. Hugely expensive drinks and food. Kind of expected, but note just a fountain coke is $7.50.

6. Don’t expect many of the restaurants to be open.

7. And the room keys. What a joke. Last time I was here I spent two days getting my door lock replaced, this trip I just get locked out every other day.

8. They actually made my paying 19 year old daughter leave the fitness center because they said she had to be at least 16 years of age.

9. The room last time was in a hole and had no view.

10. If you let the resort plan an off site excursion to include your 18 year old son, make sure he brings 3 forms of picture ID. Without it, an 18 year old, who’s been driving his very expensive car will not be allowed on an ATV.

There is much more, but the bottom line in this review was derived from two different stays, so I am confident that Maui’s Grand Wailea Resort is a great place to get your vacation ruined.

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