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I got into one of those timeshare packages and was expecting the worst. However, it was wonderful! I got off the plane, went to hertz got a cute HHR, went to Costco picked up some supplies as we knew that local items would be upcharged 50% or more. Drove 30 minutes to Lahaina, greeted w/ lei's walked into a beautiful hotel check-in area that is all open to the outdoors looking out to a beautiful waterfall and pool area. Cheked into an oceanfront hotel room (as promised) got our picture taken by a hotel employee right at the waterfall. Had an AWESOME time there! We only had to to the 60 min prez on the last day which didnt suck, the condos they showed us were beautiful. Also, you get many coupons for free breakfasts, discount on spa treatments (awesome massages by the way!) The only BAD thing was you cant take your own igloo's to the pool area! argh..

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