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Kean grew up in Indianapolis playing basketball 25 hours a day, attended Indiana University studying English as a Creative Writing major, and in 1971 got his first job out of college as a tour escort in Hawaii. He has been living on Maui ever since, and while he had several careers including video production...read more

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Sep. 30, 2007 by Kean Salzer

The Spirit of Maui

The Aloha Spirit. What is it? Have you ever wondered how an island nation can have an identity and carry it for hundreds of years to all nations and it's best communicated as a Spirit? Do you know any other land or government who have an identity based on a Spirit?

As the world's metanarrative slowly changes from Rationalism/Materialism to Experiential we have seen more tolerance toward ideas that don't fit into a box...conversations that allow for other points of view, even in areas where we don't believe...and that, of course, includes the realm of The Spirit. I'd like to open a conversation about Aloha Spirit and see what is in your heart about this core identity.

Hawaiians aren't the only people to refer to The Spirit as if it were a persona. Indigenous American tribes all agreed that there is a Great Spirit. But in this land in the middle of the sea, when people try to put into words what they are feeling is the impression from the Spirit it is to manifest Aloha...

I'd be interested in hearing what you think the Aloha Spirit is all about. Is it reserved for a certain people? Can others adopt or be adopted by this Spirit? What do people under the influence of this Spirit do that is different than when they are under the influence of their own spirit? How can you tell when this Spirit is operating?

Any opinions about any of these questions? I do, but for now I'd love to hear your heart about the Aloha Spirit...blog away...


"I think there is a hunger inside of mankind to search for the Spirit. I think the warmth and beauty of your island as well as the friendliness exhibited there, is a glimpse of God's Spirit...warmly and freely given to all who choose to receive it. The Holy Spirit is found when He is looked for with our hearts. Maui is an inspiring or in-spirit place!"

Posted by Pastor Alice on Nov. 24, 2009

Mark as Offensive

"Liza, I think it's possible that this land may have a certain spiritual blessing or anointing on it for the things you mentioned. Do you remember when the 12 spies went into the Promised Land and came back carrying bunches of grapes that were so big they had to be carried on a stick? I think that story is meant to let us know that certain people in their assigned land can manifest things beyond the norm. Just a thought..."

Posted by Kean Salzer on Oct. 3, 2007

"Interesting.... When I talk about "Aloha Spirit", I usually refer to the "friendliness, openness and hospitality" of the people. After reading your post, I now realize there's more to that ... "

Posted by Lizas Eyeview on Oct. 3, 2007

"Saw this in an article on Hawaiian massage...another reference to Aloha Spirit as a spiritual power... Traditionally learnt practitioners of the Lomi Lomi massage do not willingly work in any spa or massage parlor, as they treat only selected clients in a private and quiet setting often in their own homes. While treating them the clients may be asked to pray, change their diet plans, meditate and made to do their own activities apart from the massage therapy provided to them. It is a holistic way of healing tradition beyond just simple massage technique. Before performing the massage, the therapist will offer prayer to make the healing process effective and efficient. Then it is believed that the ancient spirit and wisdom of Aloha will guide, inspire and heal the clients towards their true potential. "

Posted by Kean Salzer on Oct. 2, 2007

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