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Shena moved to Maui in 1990 and has worked in the travel industry for most of that time. She's currently an on-site wedding co-ordinator where she oversees the location, ministerial management, photography, videography, catering, music, flowers and a million more details to make sure that people from...read more

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Aug. 20, 2007 by Shena Koch

Salt water everywhere.......

It's another beautiful Maui wedding day. I'm at Kapalua Bay with a newly Maui'd couple. There were many happy tears at this beach today. Salt water everywhere. Tears are a good sign at a wedding in my opinion. I find myself suspicious of a wedding void of all emotion......and I've seen a few.

Carol, MOB (mother-of-bride), seemed to be crying differing waves of tears. I noted tears of pride..."Gina planned this whole beautiful Maui wedding by herself, online,"..."She's such a thoughtful girl, always including everyone." She was proud of the person her daughter had become. It was relief I saw in her tears after the pronouncement...yeah, I heard an exhale with those. The strong, single Mom, feeling her job, in many ways, was done. Tears of happy closure. She had handed Gina, her precious only child, over to the beaming groom.

The groom is another story. Half a pack of Kleenex went to him.

Another touching wedding....



"Shena, Just wanted to tell you about the Paia Inn Hotel. We just opened 4 months ago, completely renovated the place from top to bottom. It's Paia's first luxury boutique hotel! Anyway, we have a large patio area, and private beach access with a large yard for weddings! Give me a call or come by for a tour. www.paiainn.com and 808-579-6000 Nina Hupp"

Posted by sshimhiding on Nov. 23, 2008

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