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I lost my wrinkles to the Kate Somerville Facial | Maui.Net - All Things Maui
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Spa Struck, a.k.a Shannon Wianecki, has written about spas and travel for magazines throughout the US and Australia. Wanderlust has led her to explore Fiji, Indonesia, Australia, and Mexico, where she has enjoyed spa treatments beyond compare. She hopes one day to return for the second half of the massage...read more

Shannon Wianecki: Luxury on Maui

Aug. 6, 2007 by Spa Struck

I lost my wrinkles to the Kate Somerville Facial

I’m required to visit spas and sample treatments around the globe; it’s a job hazard I endure as a travel writer. (I know, I can I feel your sympathy.) After years of trying this superlative treatment at that five-star spa retreat, I admit I’ve grown a tad jaded.

Cocoon me in coconut butter, lather me in mineral-rich, smelly seaweed, scrub me with Dead Sea salts, parboil me in honey, and fluff my aura with magic crystals... Whatever transformation the spa brochures promises, I usually walk out of the dimly-lit spa zone with oily hair, feeling water-logged and smelling like an herb garden.

Not that I’m complaining! Sometimes an hour or two of contrived relaxation is exactly what I need. But I’ve never expected any miracles...until I discovered Kate Somerville.

Ladies...adventurous gents...I feel bound by duty to alert you to a spa experience of some consequence: the Ultimate Kate Somerville Facial. I got mine at the Four Seasons Resort Maui. I recommend you book yours immediately. Go on. You can finish reading this article while the receptionist pencils you in alongside the other spa pilgrims seeking evidence of the divine. Somerville’s treatments are only available at her eponymous spa in L.A, the Four Seasons Resort Maui, and recently, the Beverly Wilshire.

Kate Somerville is a facialist to the stars, so it makes sense that she’d follow her well-heeled clients - Felicity Huffman, Paris Hilton, and Sandra Oh to name a few - to the sunny shores of Wailea. Somerville brought her signature treatments and NASA-grade equipment to the Four Seasons spa, where she trained the resident staff in her magic. Judging by my experience, it’s a spa match made in heaven.

My Four Seasons facialist ushered me out of the hushed waiting area and into a treatment room. She began by gaining my confidence - offering me a choice of music to listen to and asking me questions about my skin.

(You’d be amazed how many therapists neglect this critical step, and launch right in, poking and prodding tender skin with hardly a hello.)

She explained the products she would be using during the treatment and the desired effects of each. As she applied Somerville’s exfoliating micro-peel to my faceI quizzed her on her own skin care regime (she alternates between Kate Somerville and a marine-based line, Osea). Active papaya-pineapple enzymes nibbled away at my dead skin cells in the nicest fashion imaginable.

She swathed my face in steamy towels and nimbly performed extractions. Next came a series of "dermal boosters" - signature Somerville products designed to penetrate the skin and deliver nutrients specific to individual needs. I’m prone to breakouts, so she opted for the clarifying toner, followed by a calming mask, and the total vitamin antioxidant complex. Each product smelled great and felt wonderfully light on my skin.

After a relaxing pressure point massage, I was given blackout glasses in preparation for the "DermaLucent" therapy. The facialist informed me that the room would grow brighter in three stages.

By stage three I felt as if a row of Broadway spotlights was fixed on my face. Light can be powerful medicine - it’s a proven anti-depressant - and studies show that red light waves can stimulate healthy cell growth. The radiant DermaLucent therapy deepens the effects of the nutrient-rich dermal boosters, restoring collagen and elastin, evening skin tone, and improving texture - or so the brochure claimed.

Could it possibly be true this time? I doubted it, but the beam-me-up sensation was oddly pleasant. And to boot, I enjoyed a tension-relieving goat milk foot massage.

Back in the locker room, I glanced in the mirror. My face looked dewy and plump - like I’d just woken from a nap. Then I noticed: the wrinkle to the left of my mouth was missing . Gone. This particular wrinkle was a new fixture on my face, a gift for my 32nd birthday. But now it was nowhere to be seen! Hallelujah!

From skeptic to believer, I marched right back into the spa shop and purchased Kate’s full line of products. I’ve never done that before.

Now, before you rush off and join the campaign to elect both my facialist and Ms. Somerville for sainthood, I should mention that my wrinkle did eventually come back. (Since I earned it by smiling large and often, I suppose I’m okay with that.) But my skin has never looked better.

Kate Somerville seems to understand the primal need for her genius; her bestselling product "Kate in a Jar," is the recommended solution for those days when you can’t make in to see her personally. Brilliant. "Quench" is a moisture-locking, space-age serum that goes with me everywhere. I also depend on her pink zit potion with 10% sulfur - smells awful, but it means business.

I may not be a red carpet client, like Paris or Felicity, but thanks to Kate I feel like one. And who knows? Maybe a miracle is in your future.

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