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Kean grew up in Indianapolis playing basketball 25 hours a day, attended Indiana University studying English as a Creative Writing major, and in 1971 got his first job out of college as a tour escort in Hawaii. He has been living on Maui ever since, and while he had several careers including video production...read more

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Jan. 28, 2008 by Kean Salzer

Maui During The Holidays

One of the core values of Hawaii is family. It is a little bit different from most cultures in that we extend our family to all the cousins and aunties and uncles and in laws...anyone connected is invited to become part of the ohana...Hawaiian for family.

During the Christmas holidays the family plans on lots of shopping and the malls try to create a special series of events around churches and musical troupes who keep song and dance continuously as the big day gets closer.

I had a friend shoot a video of one of our local church dance groups at Queen Ka`ahumanu Mall a few days before Christmas and I thought you might like to see our keiki (children) celebrating with their dance gifts.


"Kean, Loved the video...very moving!!"

Posted by Pastor Alice on Nov. 24, 2009

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