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About Shena Koch

Shena moved to Maui in 1990 and has worked in the travel industry for most of that time. She's currently an on-site wedding co-ordinator where she oversees the location, ministerial management, photography, videography, catering, music, flowers and a million more details to make sure that people from...read more

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Aug. 5, 2007 by Shena Koch


August 4, 2007:

The beauty of white, champagne or ecru, back dropped by Maui's glory never ceases to amaze me.

It's another perfect wedding day in paradise on a stunning beach in Makena, Maui. Though I've witnessed many of these most-important-of-days, the surprising beauty of a wedding dress on a beach continues to be new for me each time. It takes my breath away........and I'm not the groom!

Maui brides may choose high-end couture or peasant cotton simplicity; it all works equally well out here where the Creator already decorated for you. No stress of having the church ready on time, or spending the price of a small car on just the flowers, and still having an empty look. Or possibly your colors are not going to go with the pews......not on Maui.

The couple stands wriggling their toes in the creamy sand, interspersed with fingers of black lava flow that stopped centuries ago at this beach. The dress back dropped by the sand, the lava and, of course, the swaying palms..........can it get any better than this? The beautyscape doesn't stop there. The next layer is of lacy-white wave edges that seem intentionally rolled in by the turquoise Pacific, just to dance at the wedding ceremony itself. Maui is not yet finished with this scene. The final delight for the eyes is the surprise of other Mauian islands out in the twinkling blue. Today, where we are, Kaho’olawe and Molokini finish taking your breath away. I can't help it.........it always escapes my lips....."Good job God".

It is exactly what couples expect for a wedding in paradise.......often more.. And brides, every one of them, simply glow out here in the middle of the world's best color scheme bathed in that golden light.

Oh, one last note on the beach-dress relationship that only a girl can appreciate. No need to worry your pretty head about sand and/or water getting on THE dress. Sand flips right off, unlike dirt, leaving no stain. The water/sand combo dries quickly and brushes right off as well. It's no-fuss wonderful. I must add here that I can't guarantee the same carefree stance if you and your groom decide to take the full-body plunge (after taking the plunge) into the tempting, warm waters as some couples choose to do.

My only disappointment is they simply will never know how dreamy their wedding looks right from my little spot in the sand..........



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