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Kean grew up in Indianapolis playing basketball 25 hours a day, attended Indiana University studying English as a Creative Writing major, and in 1971 got his first job out of college as a tour escort in Hawaii. He has been living on Maui ever since, and while he had several careers including video production...read more

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Jan. 7, 2008 by Kean Salzer

Maui Insider Interviews Coming Soon

We are getting ready to make ‘08 the year of the Maui Resident interview. Our team is being equipped with state of the art portable recording gear to go out and interview all the people on Maui who make this island the paradise the world has come to know. We will be talking to boat owners who take thousands of people every month on adventures that range from ocean rafts that carry 6 people into tight coastal caves to cruise ships that are ultimate resorts on the water. We will interview guys who escort bikers down the dormant volcano Haleakala to guys who rent scooters to the young at heart. We will talk to horse people and hikers...snorkelers to X-Sporters. We will put up an interview every week and then post them to our upcoming Maui.net podcast so you can time shift the info and listen to it when you have a spare moment.

We hope to get the insider view on what to do on Maui and how to maximize your vacation. At the end of every interview we will get up close and personal asking each person to name their favorite beach, restaurant and other pertinent info. To top it off we will ask them to tell us what their own perfect day would be on Maui. We hope that hearing from Maui’s active residents will give you a great idea on how to structure your own days on Maui. If you know a character that needs to be interviewed drop us a line. We will start having these shows up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. Maui.net is determined to provide you with the best resources to help you plan your trips to Maui.

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