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Accommodations on Maui - Part 2

Questions to Ask Before Committing

  • Will my hotel room/rental have air conditioning?
  • Is the hotel room/rental equipped with a phone, TV, and internet access? If not, are these available elsewhere on the property?
  • Will I be charged for overnight parking or use of the facilities?
  • Does the hotel room/rental include a full bathroom and kitchen?
  • Is the rental freestanding or attached to the main house?
  • How far is the property from the airport, beaches, and shops?

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Maui Family Vacations


The weather on Maui hovers at a blissful 85 degrees. Cloudbursts are more frequent during winter. Summer afternoons tend to be windier. But even the worst day of weather on Maui is still pretty darn good. As you travel up in elevation the temperature drops. Bring warm clothes if you plan to stay "Upcountry" or do any hiking in Haleakala National Park (which we highly recommend.)


Maui may be paradise, but it’s still the tropics. You’re likely to see an ant (or twenty) or get bit by a mosquito—even while patronizing the finest resorts. This explains why locals consider geckos good luck. These tiny lizards use their suction-cup toes to scale walls and eat the other pests.

Shannon Wianecki investigates the often-contentious territory dividing her two passions: sustainability and luxury travel. Her articles on food, travel, social dilemmas, and the environment have been published in magazines throughout the US and Australia. As Food Editor for Maui No Ka Oi Magazine, she takes the pulse of the Pacific dining scene in "Gossip Gourmet." She's the author of several travel books, most recently Fodors Maui 2007. Read her work at www.shannonwianecki.com.

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