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Kean grew up in Indianapolis playing basketball 25 hours a day, attended Indiana University studying English as a Creative Writing major, and in 1971 got his first job out of college as a tour escort in Hawaii. He has been living on Maui ever since, and while he had several careers including video production...read more

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Hawaiian Time - Part 2

But usually about day number four, something begins to happen. The time-obsessed start to feel something. Nothing special...they just start to feel again...like they did when they were alive...and it feels good. They smell the air and ask if somebody's wearing perfume. They see the sunset and breathe in the day's final beauty slowly for the first time in a decade. On day number five they will cancel the activities and lay around the pool and... gasp...read a book. It's usually on this day that they will forget to carry their Blackberry and will startle themselves by asking someone what day it is. On day number six they will surprise themselves by saying hello first to a stranger in the hotel lobby and smilingly look into their eyes. At the pool they actually watch as the kids do their daring deeds. As the final day of vacation comes to a close they all feel as if they are different people. Time has slowed down. They are home...not home on Maui... home in their own skin and it feels so good.

Maui Family Vacations

Ah...then that other life returns. It's time to pack for home, and the pace picks up. What do we do with these boogey boards we just had to buy? Quick, run to Costco and get a new suitcase! Figure out what to wear through security, check the laptop to see what temperature it will be when we get off the plane, confirm the pickup, call and resume the paper delivery, charge the Blackberry, the phone, the laptop...zoom, zoom, zoom...

And it's usually somewhere on the plane, in the midst of picking back up the pace of insanity, that they decide they want to come back to Maui - soon – and next time just relax. They want to find day five's life on day one.

While the other islands only have about 20% repeat visitors, Maui has 55%: people returning not just to their favorite island, but to themselves and their loved ones. If you are a first time visitor, welcome to Maui! It will be good to meet you on day four. In the meantime, Starbucks is right across the street. Order decaf and maybe we'll see you on day three. You return visitors...see you tomorrow...good to have you back.

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