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The Best of Maui

Article by Taj Barnhart

Roadside Fruit & Flower Stands

Four foot tall heliconia; king protea; sweet golden pineapples; coconut candies; warm, just-baked banana bread…the goodies at a roadside stand punctuate a picturesque journey. But the best feature is the good faith cash depositories at unattended stands. "We trust you to put a couple bucks in the bucket and help yourself." Now that's Maui.

Maui Family Vacations

Rainbows in the West Maui Mountains

You've been told not to turn your back to the ocean—but how about the mountains? An ever-changing backdrop of light and shadow cascade across slopes and duck into valleys, creating one of Maui's most breathtaking masterpieces. Seeing a rainbow against the golden, red and green mountain hues is like glimpsing a Humpback whale breaching offshore—a gift from nature. Seriously folks, book the "mountain view" room next time.

Willie Nelson at Charley's

The Grammy-winning, cameo-appearing, platinum-album legend Willie Nelson occasionally performs at Charley's Paia restaurant. While his memorabilia adorn the pub's walls for daily perusing, hearing him crooning on stage with his two sons or Maui musicians is a local treat. Charley's Restaurant (since 1969) 142 Hana Hwy (808) 579-9453

Buns in the Sun

If nude sunbathing is your thing, 'Little Beach' is the place for an allover tan. From the north end of Makena's Big Beach, it's only a short hike over a small bluff to join others in the buff. While public nudity is illegal, enforcement here is just as scarce as the clothing.

Island Style

Rubber slippers go everywhere and suits go no-where. Leave the tie at home, an Aloha or polo shirt will get the job done. Island etiquette suggests removing your shoes before entering a home, so wear shoes that slip on and off easily, i.e. no laces or buckles. Remember, if you look comfortable, you'll feel comfortable—whether you are kicking it on the beach or sipping martinis in a trendy hotel bar.

The Spiritual Vibe

Most people feel it the moment they get off the plane: an embrace of warmth, a caressing tingle on the cheek, the prick of tears and a jolt of joy. Some may describe it as being on vacation, but others believe it's the island magic. Regardless, Maui draws an inordinate amount of truth seekers, spiritual groups and religious leaders to its mystical shores.

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