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Three Perfect Days on Maui

Maui.net asked our expert bloggers, all of whom have lived on Maui for decades, to describe a perfect three day Maui vacation. Because each one of these bloggers are so different we figured you could find the one closest to you and perhaps find your own three perfect Maui days. Below you'll find a brief bio on each writer, so you can identify with your closest match.

Beyond Beach & Resort

By Marti Rosenquist

Marti is an extrovert -- curious, gregarious and inquisitive. She is equally happy to be inside or outside, and equally comfortable to be upscale or downhome. In fact, she is so flexible that personality tests usually don't know what to make of her. She enjoys a wide-range of pastimes, but leans toward the upscale and on the go (no extreme sports though!).

Maui Film Festival & More

Kean Salzer

I am in my 50's, have lived on Maui since 1971, grow ten thousand daylily cultivars most of which I bred myself, love to read, go to both indie and studio films as my favorite pastime, commute to teach Filmmaking and New Media at the college level in California, and don't really go in much for physical activity. I mean, I go to the gym, but when my friends announce their intention to host a hike I never consider joining them. I love to snorkel, but if I don't go specifically on a snorkel trip on a boat I will never get wet. I live a great deal in my head reading philosophy, theology, film review and technology. I am an early adapter with an iPod full of podcasts and an iPhone full of audio books, lectures and vblogs. I am an introvert and a lifelong learner. I would be more likely to go to a Shakespeare festival than a Billy Joel concert, yet my iPod is full of Clapton, Winwood, Lee Rittenour and Marvin Gaye.

Five Thousand Days

Judy Edwards

Describing Judy is hard... You could say she is analytically intuitive, rhapsodically empirical, a fan of luxurious primitiveness and organic refinement, and a fearless defender of wild things whose passionate empathy animates an indifferent universe... Or you could just say, "Read Judy -- and see!"