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    Ohana Tacos

    Jan. 16, 2009 (2598 views)

    You might expect a cone of cotton candy along with the carnival of sensory delights that appears like magic when Ohana Taco pulls into the parking spaces in front of AAAAA Rent-a-Space. Amidst twinking lights, lively music, inviting aromas, and cheerful patrons, Oscar Gonzalez and his bevy of beauties set to work from 6-10 p.m. every night except Sunday, sending savory scents through the salt-tinged air. Within moments of the chuck wagon's arrival crowds begin to gather in eager anticipation...

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    Sing Hallelujah! Honolua Store Revival!

    Apr. 18, 2008 (23598 views)

    In case you haven't noticed, Kapalua is witnessing a Renaissance. The razed Bay Hotel is being replaced with luxury oceanfront residences. The Ritz Carlton has undergone an extensive remodeling and dedicated one full wing of the hotel to private ownership suites. Once known primarily as a golf enclave, the newly developed Kapalua Adventure Center expands its luxury market appeal and also coaxes intrepid hikers and outdoorsmen to the most extensive zipline course in North America. The retail center...

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    Los Pelones

    Jan. 17, 2009 (3046 views)

    Los Pelones    Those of you saddened over the...

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