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    maui oahu hawaii kauai Big Island Tours activities Hawaii Luaus,

    Apr. 1, 2010 (312 views)

    Hawaii Discount offers Many different maui activities, Maui Tours, Big Island Tours, oahu activities, kauai activities, hawaii activities, activities in hawaii, hawaii activity, Oahu Tours, Kauai Tours, Big Island Activities, Big Island Hawaii Tours, Big Island Hawaii Activities, Hawaii Luaus, on all of the Hawaiian Islands.http://www.hawaiidiscount.comhawaii activitiesoahu...

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    Ant In Da Pants (and cupboards and fruit trees and so forth)

    Jun. 4, 2009 (3662 views)

    Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about ants.  If your career does not depend on knowing one thing or another about them—the focus of an ecologist being different than the focus of a pest control person—you probably either a. hate them for one reason or another, usually having to do with...

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    How Judy Figured Out She Was Blessed--a Holiday Tale.

    Nov. 19, 2007 (4940 views)

    Roughly 15 years ago I was a wanderer in the desert. Literally. There I was, wandering around in Death Valley on a rare snowfall day on my birthday. I’d taken off on a small personal road trip from San Diego to prod the Universe into prodding ME into the next step. I was frustrated and felt stuck. I was living next to a cold ocean in a house on a dying coast, and although I was volunteering for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service during the day, I was bartending at night and starting to...

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    A Surge of Sand, A Boil of Life.

    Jul. 17, 2008 (17861 views)

    It was roughly 6 a.m., and I had just fallen into that deep, dream-intensive slumber that seems only to come to me in the last hour of sleep, when Pono woke me up by saying "Judy, there's something happening". It had been a beautiful, sumptuously-starred night. A changing cast of characters had cycled through on sea turtle nest watch duty and those of us planning to stay until morning got to sleep late. The ocean crashed rhythmically in the moonless, salt-flavored darkness....

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