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    Sharks in the Caves at Five Graves

    Oct. 21, 2007 (9570 views)

    I have dived at Five Graves and poked around inside all of the caves on many occasions without seeing a single shark. But I can't remember a dive that I saw as many sharks as I did there today. There seemed to be one in every cave that Tau and I entered. The above photo taken in the "Toilet Bowl" cave tells the story. An 6' adult White Tip Reef Shark with a fish hook lodged in its mouth cruised back and forth inside the cave as Tau and I gave it plenty of space. In addition to this one we saw...

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    How It Feels To Leave Your Heart In The Arms Of An Atoll

    Apr. 4, 2010 (1567 views)

    I was thinking the other day that I would like to transport you all to the places I've been. Compared to some of my globe-trotting friends, I am kind of a slacker.  My Dream List is far longer than my Got There list.  But the places I DID make it to, well, I am so grateful for them that it hurts in that good way.It's a holiday for some today, so in the spirit of Thinking About Big Things, I offer to you an essay I wrote when I left Midway Atoll after doing a...

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