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    Climbing "Earthquake Hill" on Maui

    Jun. 7, 2007 (3106 views)

    The higher one climbs on Pu`u Ola`i, the clearer the truth that the sun rules the blue, and if we seek to share the sky, we pay with sweat and effort. Pu`u Ola`i, is Hawaiian for “Earthquake Hill.” Near Makena Beach and visible anywhere on the south coast of Maui, locals call it “Round Mountain,” a 360-foot cinder hill formed millennia ago when molten ejecta forced by gases roaring from a volcanic vent fell to earth in a near-perfect cone. All climbs on the planet should open the eyes,...

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    Aug. 5, 2007 (4276 views)

    August 4, 2007:The beauty of white, champagne or ecru, back dropped by Maui's glory never ceases to amaze me.It's another perfect wedding day in paradise on a stunning beach in Makena, Maui. Though I've witnessed many of these most-important-of-days, the surprising beauty of a wedding dress on a beach continues to be new for me each time. It takes my breath away........and I'm not the groom!Maui...

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