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    Electric Motor Car Is the Major Topic

    Jul. 18, 2010 (135 views)

    Gherarado Corsini (the principle of Opel Nauxhall brand electric vehicles) headed from German to Geneva last sunday, which was more quiet, comparing with most of the jurneys. He drove the prototype vehicle of Opel Ampara. And Dietmar Thate, the Society Media Manager, also went with him. The hv hybrid vehicle which can travel about 60km with electricity will appear on the car exhibition held in Geneva this sunday.Follow Some Tricks to Resume ...

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    Aug. 5, 2007 (4275 views)

    August 4, 2007:The beauty of white, champagne or ecru, back dropped by Maui's glory never ceases to amaze me.It's another perfect wedding day in paradise on a stunning beach in Makena, Maui. Though I've witnessed many of these most-important-of-days, the surprising beauty of a wedding dress on a beach continues to be new for me each time. It takes my breath away........and I'm not the groom!Maui...

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    To Have a Look at the Chicest Bridal Makeup In the Winter

    Jul. 5, 2010 (124 views)

    Every bride hope to have a perfect wedding. Let's Choose Most Stunning mother of bride dresses for Our Dear Mommy It is very important about whether the makeup on the wedding matches the dress and the atmosphere. Therefore if time permits, brides try several make - up and choose the make - up which suit you most. Here recommend several different styles of bridal makeup, so that beauty who are...

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    Vacheron Constantin - Why So Expensive

    Jul. 12, 2010 (149 views)

    History: The priceless asset of the brand. Primitive Tricks to Shop mother of bride dresses Dating back to ancient 1775, in downtown Gevana, Switzerland, a guy named Jean-Marc Vacheron opened up a workshop, which turned out to be first watch manufacturer in world, In 1819, the businessman Francois Constantine joined it, and his talented art for brand promotion made Vacheron Constantin...

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