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    Darwin's Other Option:

    Aug. 29, 2010 (3094 views)

    Darwin would have gotten more bang for the buck if he’d come to the Hawaiian archipelago instead of the low-lying, relatively ‘simpler’, Galapagos Islands (nothing personal there, Galapagos—we love you, too).  By Darwin’s 1800s the high islands of Hawaii Nei had been simmering life in a big crock-pot of episodic chaos for millions of years.  In that crock-pot was many a new species born, tempered...

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    Bats Need Love (Yours)

    Nov. 11, 2008 (34895 views)

    Did you know Hawaii has bats? A bat, one species of bat, that is: The Hawaiian Hoary Bat. All summer I've been watching 3-4 bats feed just out over the water at the shoreline in south Maui, but I've watched them feed right off of the canoe club in north Kihei as well, for many years, and I'm always all grins when I detect, usually just after sunset, their circular, flittery, swoopy flights. I'm a bat geek. I grew up in central Texas near one of the largest colonies of Mexican free-tail...

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