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    Eyewear: the New Sweetheart of the Female

    Jun. 22, 2010 (279 views)

    Once talking about women with red bull hats, the first thing coming into people's mind is that they are women with four eyes or they are ugly women. Since contacts lenses and laser correcting operations come out, most females throw glasses frames away without mercy. Even now likes the popular US-drama Ugly Betty, women's glasses and tooth set are good tools in showing women's unbeauty....

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    Presbyopic Contact Lens Is Not a Good Choice for Anyone

    Jul. 2, 2010 (143 views)

    Many old people appear varieties of eye problems. Meanwhile, multifunctional eye-glasses emerge together and become popular. The development of high technology also brings many conveniences to us. For example, many kinds of sunglasses were produced and took great help to different groups of people. For example, there are some contact lenses intented for presbyopic...

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    Christmas Colors

    Sep. 30, 2010 (282 views)

    Christmas, the day when Christians commemorate the birthday of Jesus, falls on 25th, December each year. 5 False Ideas You Should Aware About fashion tote bags Christmastide begins on 24th, December and ends on 6th, January the next year. At Christmas, the Christians all over the world hold ceremonious celebration. As a Christian festival in the first beginning, it gained so much attention that it became...

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