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    Jun. 5, 2009 (8811 views)

    Years ago, when I lived in Paia, my shower was outside.  I used to have to exit the bathroom, turn the corner, open the stall door and hop onto the big paving stone set in the gravel of the shower space.  The showerhead came out of the wall about 15 feet up.  I am tall, so I loved this....

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    Island life Means Not Minding A Housemate With More Legs Than I've Got

    May. 5, 2008 (11561 views)

    It was when my houseguests bought the boxes of ant and roach killer and decorated the house with them while I was at work that I got the idea that, perhaps, they thought of my little hippie-pad by the sugar cane fields as a vermin-infested shack and were just too polite to say so. But, see, the vermin/wildlife difference is all in the eye of the beholder. There are some really wonderful hidden joys to be experienced in coexisting with micro-wildlife....

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