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    $50 Discount Real Estate Class, Kahului

    Oct. 19, 2009 (290 views)

    We'll Help You Pass the Hawaii State Exam! Be Ready for the next BIG "Real Estate" Wave! It will happen again! $50 OFF-REGISTER BY NOV. 6th! Class starts Nov. 16th. (808) 564-5170. www.allislands.org....

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    I can't wait!

    Nov. 26, 2007 (2925 views)

    We are planning to return again in July to the emerald isle I love so much......

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    Looking foward to our 1st visit to Maui

    Jul. 21, 2009 (1525 views)

    If you can give us any helpful hints on the Maui experience you enjoyed. We planning on going next year to Maui and want to know all we can.THANKSGreatly happy to you.JOJO...

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    The Best Mars We've Got on Earth

    Jun. 18, 2007 (2756 views)

    I have always wanted to go to Mars. Ever since I read Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles in the 5th grade I have had a great hankering for the Red Planet--the planet of mystery. The one most like ours in all the solar system. I imagine enigmatic, dramatic landscapes of red rock and craggy cliffs, rumpled ocher terrain, ancient cinder cones, silence. I don’t know whether you’ve checked interplanetary fares lately, but a ticket to the moon costs more than I’ll make in...

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