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    Darwin's Other Option:

    Aug. 29, 2010 (4718 views)

    Darwin would have gotten more bang for the buck if he’d come to the Hawaiian archipelago instead of the low-lying, relatively ‘simpler’, Galapagos Islands (nothing personal there, Galapagos—we love you, too).  By Darwin’s 1800s the high islands of Hawaii Nei had been simmering life in a big crock-pot of episodic chaos for millions of years.  In that crock-pot was many a new species born, tempered...

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    Jun. 5, 2009 (8813 views)

    Years ago, when I lived in Paia, my shower was outside.  I used to have to exit the bathroom, turn the corner, open the stall door and hop onto the big paving stone set in the gravel of the shower space.  The showerhead came out of the wall about 15 feet up.  I am tall, so I loved this....

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    Ant In Da Pants (and cupboards and fruit trees and so forth)

    Jun. 4, 2009 (4502 views)

    Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about ants.  If your career does not depend on knowing one thing or another about them—the focus of an ecologist being different than the focus of a pest control person—you probably either a. hate them for one reason or another, usually having to do with...

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