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    A Day Trip To Hana: 100 Miles and 30 Years

    Sep. 8, 2007 (2826 views)

    When I was still completely lost, as opposed to now, when I am mainly confused, I spent several years living in Nahiku...a small rainforest community on the outskirts of Hana. My wife Shelley and I decided to take a day trip to Hana on Monday to see some of our old haunts that were our stomping grounds back in the mid 70's. It was a 3 day weekend and she loves to take short day trips in the car more than Paris Hilton loves attention, so we loaded up a small cooler and pointed the Hyundai toward...

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    Road to Hana

    Oct. 31, 2014 (1730 views)

    Last year, a trip through the Road to Hana, was a crowning glory to a repeated visit to Maui. The waterfalls, the abundant lush greenery, the shacks selling fruits and refreshments all through the way added to the enjoyment and unique experience. Cannot wait to be back!! Love you, Maui!About:Chitra...

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    Maui...Our second home

    Aug. 21, 2007 (3324 views)

    We love it here. Once or twice a year someone puts Maui on sale and we jump on it. The last two times we came here it cost us a total of $2000...for two...in a nice condo with a rent a car...we stay within our stay at home recreation budget and do tons of free stuff here...snorkeling at a bunch of different beaches, hiking upcountry, daytrips to Hana... Our big adventure this time is we put our townhouse up for a short term lease/ sublet from Craigslist and found a little old lady from Ohio who...

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