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    Four Unique Methods of Armani's 30 Years' Work

    Jul. 11, 2010 (169 views)

    In 1975, Giorgio Armani in his fourties named the "Giorgio Armani" company with his name. Thirty years later, Armani has been a brand worthy more than 2 billion US dollars. Now, Armani has 3 hundred outlets and 5 thousands employees throughout the world. How a shopwindow designer make a brand which was born in a 14 square meters workshop become a top and never fade one in the world? Throughout management of Armani, we will found that he was a persistent, insist and seized the opportunity person.The...

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    Aug. 5, 2007 (5119 views)

    August 4, 2007:The beauty of white, champagne or ecru, back dropped by Maui's glory never ceases to amaze me.It's another perfect wedding day in paradise on a stunning beach in Makena, Maui. Though I've witnessed many of these most-important-of-days, the surprising beauty of a wedding dress on a beach continues to be new for me each time. It takes my breath away........and I'm not the groom!Maui...

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    What's the Factors of Wedding?

    Oct. 12, 2010 (364 views)

    Flower Girl Dresses offer an opportunity to fulfill the dream of being a princess for the fanciful little girls.Certainly, to have every detail of their wedding carried out perfectly as planned is very important to the bride or groom, including the Flower Girl Dress.Wearing flower girl dresses is important to the couple as well as the flower girl, particularly to the newers.Because flower girls act a principal role in the wedding ceremony, in practice, begin the wedding march,or accent the bride’s...

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    How Many People Become Hot From "Gossip Girl" Series

    Jul. 6, 2010 (156 views)

    From the fashion point of view,the effect of 'Gossip girl"on teenagers is just as well as 'Sex and the city"on women. To Have an Appreciation To the Top 5 mother of bride dresses in September at Once! You Will be Impressed! The New York Times even gives the comment that Gossip Girl represents the new generation of women after the Sex and The City. The Cutest Gifts Ever: ...

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