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Maui Net Member Services - Tech Support: Connection Issues
Connection Issues

If you are experiencing any one of the following situations:
  • difficulty connecting to the Internet
  • frequent disconnections
  • difficulty viewing WWW pages
  • slow download speeds
Check out some of the links below for help documents and related newsgroups. You'll find many others across the country who have had similiar situations and suggestions for improving communications online. Search through the newsgroup listings for a situation like yours or post a question about your experiences.

The following documents explain common connection issues and offer some solutions.

Trumpet Winsock dialer users (Windows only) with connection issues may find help on the Winsock FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Modem Problems alt.dcom.modems
Winsock Dialer alt.winsock
PC Communications
Windows Communications
Macintosh Communications comp.sys.mac.comm

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