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Maui Net Member Services - Tech Support: Email - Common Problems
Common Email Problems

Covered here are problems other than obvious mis-configuring of the email client software. Please re-check your settings and make sure they correspond with what is necessary. If they do then try the following.

Invalid Login:
The capital "P" is NOT needed in your account name or dialup username section in your email settings. Nor is the suffix needed. If you are certain that it is correct, then your mailbox may be full or over quota...see below.

People are not getting my email:
This is a problem with the addressing. Check to see if the address is correct. The server you are attempting to send it to may be down or the server's records show a discrepency (i.e. suspended account).

Email keeps coming back:
You may be sending a rather large email attachment. If this is the case and you always get the email back then the service provider you are sending the message/attachment to may have a limit on the amount of mail you are allowed to send.

Can't find mail server:
Indicates that your mail server settings are incorrect. It should be or the computer you are using is have trouble resolving the gateway address.

"Can't copy mail.....temp...var/mail/spool", over mail quota, large emails:
An error like this is due to a problem with the amount of mail you have stored in your data locker and the allocated quota you are given. Each user is allowed 25 megabytes of disk space, unless otherwise specified. When a user exceeds his/her quota an error such as this occurs. To clear your mailbox, login to Maui Net's WebMail and manually delete the messages.

In order, to prevent this from happening again you will need to find the setting in the email program that says, "Leave mail on server" which you would uncheck, or "Removed messages from Server" which should be checked. If this course of action doesn't work please contact out accounting department to increase your mail quota. Standard E-mail storage space allocated is 25 MB's.

"Inbox" may be corrupted:
At times, we have seen email unintentionally corrupt "inbox" files. If you suspect this has happened, you will need to rename or move these files to another name or location, respectively. In Netscape, the files are "inbox.smn" and "inbox.idx". Other email clients will have similiar types of extensions, and similiar names for "inbox."

"the address is not acceptable to your SMTP server":
This is a case where the email address that is entered in the "To:" field is without a prefix such as: .

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