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Maui Net Member Services - Tech Support: 404 Info
Custom 404 Page

A 404 error occures when a page that is requested from the server can not be found. For example if a request for is made but the file homepage.htm does not exist a 404 error will occurr and you will get an error like this from the server:

File Not Found

The requested url /notafile.htm was not found on this server.

This isn't very appealing to a visitor, and if the person came from another site's link- that potential visitor may just leave. However, If you have your own domain name, you can create Your own custom 404 error page for your visitors. What does this do for you? It can help you retain visitors who may leave if they get the standard "File not found" page seen above. You can make your 404 page much more informative, and provide your visitors with a way to navigate through your site. Instead of a "File Not Found" and not much else, you can send them an error page with a professional appearance.

Now, the creation of the custom page itself isn't difficult. It is just another HTML file saved with then name of 404page.htm (this is the file the Maui Net server looks for).

When you have made your 404page.htm go to the main directory of your web site (where your main page is located under public_html/ ) through FTP or Telnet and put the file there.

Now you will also need to upload a file to you public_html directory named .htaccess this file must be named .htaccess and is a regular text file with only one line it it:

ErrorDocument 404

This file tells the server where your 404 page is located. Note: it is very common for people to misname this file .htaccess.txt or htaccess.txt the file MUST be named .htaccess or this will not work.

Now you should be all set !!

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