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Internet Spam Costs Everyone

Nearly 15 billion spam messages are sent out daily. In one month, over 7 million separate spam attacks were launched by spammers, each ranging from 100 to millions of individual emails sent in each attack. The loss in productivity and the fight to stop Spam costs American businesses $10 billion to $87 billion annually. Maui Net has directed an enormous amount of resources to help protect our customers from unsolicited commercial email.

You can help
There are a number of things everyone can do to help in the fight againts Internet Spam. By working together Government, Business, and individuals can make a difference. Here are some practical do's and do not's to help.

Protect your email address
Beware of giving out your email address to anyone, including your web site, bulletin board posts, blog entries, product warranty registrations, associates, family, and friends. Instead, utilize your email aliases as disposable addresses! Use one alias for your family, friends, and business associates; and others for everything else. If you start receiving Spam, simply cancel the alias and establish another one! To request your alias(es), visit

Use your FREE SpamShield filter
Maui Net provides a FREE spam filter to every email box. It is activated by default, and easy to use. To see what settings are available to use, please login to your webmail account at, and select "Options", then select "SpamShield Pro".

Never "Spoof" email
Spoofing is one of the most commonly used methods of sending spam. Spoofing happens when someone sends a message with a false, or different Email address in the "From" and/or "Return" fields of the message. Spoofing also happens when someone uses a mail server which does not match the "From" and "Return" address, i.e. using your work mail server ( while using an email address. To ensure you aren't inadvertently spoofing, contact our tech support to review your mail settings.

Never buy from spam
Spammers are in it for the money. If spam didn't make money, it wouldn't exist. Bottom line, spam is on the increase because people buy goods and services from spammers, it works! If you don't want spam, never buy from a spammer!

Never "unsubscribe" from spam
Think spammers want to give you an "out"? Think again. Most spammers provide an "opt-out" or "remove me from this list" link because they know you are trusting and good natured. But spammers aren't. That link is most often placed there to confirm that you read your email so they can send you more spam. Maui Net recommends users simply delete any spam messages received.

Support anti-spam legislation
While legislation will probably not stop spam altogether, politicians are beginning to listen to the public outcry of unsolicited email. Many individual States, as well as the US Congress, is working on or have passed anti-spam laws. While not perfect, any such legislation is a start and needs your support. Contact your State and Federal political leaders to voice your support for anti-spam laws to be passed.

Properly configure your mail server
This is another commonly used method of sending spam over the Internet, and applies only to businesses that run their own mail server. All mail server names should resolve properly to a corresponding Internet Protoco (IP) address. Most Spam servers don't, and can therefore be "black-listed" by ISP's to block all inbound mail from them. Company IT staff need to ensure that mail servers properly resolve by conducting a forward and reverse nslookup on their mail server.

Help close the "loop holes"
Spammers take advantage of the "loose" nature of the Internet. While common standards for the Internet do exist, many simply do not abide by them, allowing spammers to have a "free for all" with the Internet. By abiding by common Internet standards, and taking some practical steps againts spam, you can help ISP's close the "loop holes" which spammers take advantage of. Mahalo!

You can help fight Internet Spam

Protect your email address

Turn on your free Spam filter

Never spoof email

Never buy from spam

Never "unsubscribe" from spam

Support anti-spam legislation

Properly configure your mail server

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