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Ever visit a web site, only to be inundated with advertisements that suddenly pop up on your screen? You have just discovered a pop up ad. OR, you leave the web site you have just visited and notice another window still there... you have just experienced a pop under ad.

Pop up ads are fast becoming an irritant most web users wish to do without. Pop ups are little (and sometimes not so little) ads designed by the creators of web sites. While some web sufers accept pop ups as a fact of Internet life, other's are frustrated by having to manually close each pop up ad window, just to be bombarded with more when visiting the next web site. ENTER THE POP UP BLOCKERS!

Pop up blockers (A.K.A. pop blockers & pop killers) are fast becoming an industry unto their own. As the name indicates, pop up blockers are little programs designed to block pop up ads from appearing... PERIOD! Some also include additional features like blocking banner advertisements as well. While the technology is not perfect, and does disable some javascript functions in web sites, many see pop up blockers as a great and convenient add on to have.

Maui Net's Premium Services includes a built in Pop Up Blocker and Ad Stopper with the Accelerated Dial Up software. Pop Up Ads are not only an annoyance, they slow down your web site viewing. Try our Premium Services FREE for 30 days, and stop the Pop Ups!

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