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Additional Email Storage ( Increase your email storage size )

Each Dial up account includes one email address with 1 GB's of storage space (1000MB's), ( Your email may be accessed directly from our mail server via any Internet connected computer at, or it may be downloaded (recommended) onto your computer via an email program. For detailed instructions on configuring your computer to download email, please visit our tech support pages by CLICKING HERE.

Need more than 1 GB's of email space? We have good news! Additional space may be purchased at the following discount prices:
  • email box with 10GB (10,000MB's) + 500 MB online storage = additional $9.00/month
  • email box with 10GB (10,000MB's) = additional $6.00/month
  • email box with 2GB (2,000MB's) + 500 MB online storage = additional $6.00/month
  • email box with 2GB (2,000MB's) = additional $3.00/month
  • email box with 1GB (1,000MB's) + 500 MB online storage = additional $3.00/month
To upgrade your email account, please complete the form below, ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED:

Your Maui Net Email address:
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Please upgrade my email account to the following:

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