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Invoice Scam

We have received reports of forged emails with different addresses regarding unpaid invoices. These emails are
scams and not from us. Delete the email and do not click on the
attachment link, it is a virus. If you do click on the link,
you should run an antivirus scan of your computer.

The only valid billing email address from Maui Net is
Also we never send out attachments with our emails.


02/16/2018 - Logins to webmail will not accept an email address,
only the username. For example, you should NOT attempt to login
as "". Just log in as "joe" at the Username field. If
you use the whole email address, the program will just blank
the fields and not complete the login.
We are using a new encrypted email server which displays the URL at the top of the page as
This is to allow the SSL encryption to secure your login information.
Voice Message Scam

If you receive an email like this, delete it & don't click
on any links.

Subject: Voice Message from 018493552400 - name unavailable

Forged Maui Net Scam #2
Maui Account Security

September 3, 2017
The bogus sending address is There is no such

It is another of continuing attacks on our users. This a hacking attack
from Bogata, Columbia attempting to steal passwords and install computer
viruses on your computer. Do not click on any link, just delete the email.
If you have clicked a link, change your email password immediately. Then
run an antivirus scan on your computer. If you need help with changing the
password, you can call our customer support at 875-2535 Option #1.

Forged Maui Net Scam

This fake email was sent using our address.
It may place a virus on your computer if you click on the link.
Delete it.

Notice that the email address adds after the That is the real hacker's address.
Dear User, A Mandatory Account Update is required ! Login below to update yours now. Click here to Update

May 14, 2017

"WannaCrypt" RansomeWare for Windows
This virus has been circulating since May 12, 2017. It encrypts all the
files on your hard drive making them unusable. Then it displays a pop up
message demanding payment to de-encrypt them. It is not clear that they follow
through even if you make payment.

There are two things you can do to protect your files:
1. Update your operating system from Microsoft which has a patch to fix this problem
2. Backup all your files to an external place (hard drive or cloud) before you get
attacked. Then, if you do get attacked, you can restore your files from the backup.

Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)
If you have received a notice from Maui Global Communications per ICANN to review and update your contact information for your domain. Please DO NOT DISREGARD, as this needs to be done each year to verify your domain name. When you receive the email please take these steps to verify and keep your domain current:
Please click on view contact data.
Review all contact information
Send an email to with any changes and to verify all is correct.

For technical support, email us at: or call us at 875-2535 Option #1 from the menu.

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Tech Support
Our Technical Support is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Call us at 875-2535, ext. 1

Nearly 15 billion spam messages are sent out daily.
Maui Net has directed an enormous amount of resources to help protect our customers from Unsolicited Commercial Email. CLICK HERE to find out what you can do to help stop Internet spam.

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