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Maui Net has created this website for those of you looking forward to a visit to Maui. We hope we can help you learn about the island and what it has to offer. It's our goal to present the best information we can, whether it's contributed by our visitors, our vendors, or our staff.

We are a venue for respectful and rational discussion. We encourage your participation! If you have an opinion to share, good or bad, we want to hear it. However we do insist that all postings be respectful and accurate. We will not tolerate comments that will serve to offend any reader based on their age, sex, race, or other personal factors. We all know what polite is -- please practice good manners. In addition, any illegal activities, such as the posting of copyrighted content, are expressly forbidden.

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Here are some specifics for participation:

  • We do not want to see insults or personal attacks against anyone.
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  • No hate literature, irrational ravings, posting of copyrighted material, and other illegal and offensive postings, whatsoever.
  • Comments and counter-comments are welcome, especially if you have personal knowledge of a subject or service, but let's avoid mindless back-and-forth's and flame wars.
  • Absolutely no commercial advertising within the visitor-contributed comments. If you want to advertise, please purchase a listing or an ad.
  • We do not want to see one word or one-line postings. We DO want details – why you loved something or why it was a waste of money, if it's appropriate for kids, if it was fun but overpriced, if it would have been fun if only the weather cooperated. Please let us know!

That should do it for now, however we do reserve the right to add to this list at any time for any reason.

License Grant

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If at anytime you wish to withdraw this grant, you may do so by contacting us via email at with reference to the URL hosting your content. Maui Net will review and delete the content if the claim is valid, and release you from any grant.

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