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Kean Salzer at

Kean Salzer

Kean is our most prolific writer. He's lived on Maui since 1971 working in a diverse spectrum of careers including vistor industry positions, as a pastor, and in video and film production. Follow the links to explore Kean's work at

Blog: Best of Maui - Kean explores the spectrum of what makes Maui no ka oi -- Maui 'da Best.

Listmania: Top 10 Local Eateries

3 Perfect Days on Maui: Maui Film Festival & More


Christmas on Maui - Christmas on Maui is a special time for island families to come together - despite the lack of snow!
Taking a Day Trip to An Outer Island - Is it worth giving up a day of your Maui Vacation to visit a neighbor island? Maybe. Learn about some day-tripper adventures.
Why Maui Hawaii? - The world is full of great destinations. Why should the island of Maui be yours? We've got ten good reasons a Maui Hawaii vacation should be your next vacation.
Hawaiian Time - There is a phenomenon that almost every visitor experiences on their first trip to Maui that no one expects. They come back more alive than they've been in a long, long time.
Lahaina: One Of The Seven Wonders of Maui - In the mid 1800's the little town of Lahaina was full of dirty old men chasing Hawaiian women who were being encouraged to wear more than a friendly smile by the missionaries....
Hawaiian Values Form the Core of Hawaiian Culture - What do Hawaiians think about their world? What makes a Hawaiian different from another race from Polynesia?
Maui Hawaii: A Hidden Giant Waits For You To Discover Her - If you've never taken a helicopter tour... if, maybe, you're a little afraid to go... think twice. Touring Maui by helicopter can be a transforming - and unforgettable - experience.
Owning a Vacation Rental Condo on Maui - A Maui condo can be a tempting investment... but do your homework first!
The Amazing Black Pearl Necklace Adventure - Black pearl necklaces are the most romantic gift from Maui. Learn more about their history, and how to select a quality necklace on your Maui vacation.
What To Take Back: Souvenirs and Gifts - You're here on Maui island and your friends and family aren't, and when you unpack your bags you're either going to have a captive audience or a group of folks who, when your back is turned, mumble something about, "I would have brought back something." So, the pressure is on...

Shannon Wianecki

Shannon Wianecki, AKA "Spa Struck"

Shannon is a freelance writer and editor specializing in travel, food, and the natural environment. Her work appears in numerous publications in the US and Australia, including Fodor's Hawaii and Vacations & Travel.

Blog: Luxury On Maui - Shannon endures the tedious job of reporting on Maui's world-class luxury offerings.


Accommodations on Maui - Dream of sunbathing outside your beachfront villa or counting wild orchids from a rustic tree house? Maui offers tropical getaways of every sort, from A-list resorts to no-fuss condos.
Beach Experts Needed - Gold sand, red sand, black sand -- Maui beaches come in every flavor.
Maui Hiking From Summit to Sea - Maui offers hikes of astonishing variety, from the sparkling shoreline to the 10,023-foot summit of Haleakala (House of the Sun).
Only-On-Maui Holidays - Hawaiians celebrate holidays with particular relish - and a holiday from just about any culture equates an excuse to celebrate.
Spa Splendor - Nourish your body and spirit at one of Maui's superlative spas, where ancient spa traditions from the East and West mingle with Hawaii's indigenous healing practices.
Star Struck on Maui - Celebrities of all stripes call Maui home. Count yourself among them!
The Ancient Art of Surfing - Little compares to the thrill of standing on water. Balanced on a board that's cutting across the face of a fast-moving, foamy wave, you can't help but feel like a surfing superhero.
Three Maui Dinners You Shouldn't Miss - Don't leave the Valley Isle without sampling the best of its cuisine - particularly the seafood you're unlikely to enjoy anywhere else. Here are three Maui restaurants you won't want to miss.
Top Ten Maui Souvenirs - Besides that sunburn, bring something marvelous home from Maui. These ten tropical souvenirs will tide you over when the mainland traffic jams or snowstorms start to chip away at your sanity.
Where on Maui? - Maui is only one small island, but it includes some very distinct regions. Join us for an overview that will give you the facts you need to pick the perfect setting for your Maui vacation.

Linda Nagata at

Linda Nagata

In her real life, Linda is our principle programmer and general webmaster. In her alternate existence she is a Nebula-award winning science fiction and fantasy novelist with a website at Due to chance and marriage, she has had the good fortune to live on Maui since 1982.

Listmania: Great Maui Artists


An Evening in Wailea - Wednesday evenings in Wailea are a festival of music and art...
Do a Maui Luau - A Maui luau is an eating adventure - and not to be missed!
Highway 360: The Road to Hana - The road to Hana is a journey through spectacular scenery and white-knuckle adventure along the fabled Highway 360.
Hike to Waimoku Falls, Kipahulu - The Kipahulu District of Haleakala National Park is justly famed for the beauty of its freshwater pools, but it also offers a fantastic hike to spectacular Waimoku Falls.
It's All About the Beach - It's 7:00 am in a rented condo on Maui. Outside, only the mynah birds are stirring, but inside, you grow gradually aware of a small voice asking an absurd question, "Mom? Dad? Are you awake? Can we go to the beach?"
Maui Golf: Trekking the Hills at the Mercedes-Benz - Maui golf's premier event is the Mercedes-Benz Championship. It's a challenging venue -- and not just for the pros!
Rainforests and Sugar Plantations - In 1876, sugar growers looked to the rainforest to water their fields -- and created an irrigation system still in use today.
The Magic Carpet Ride - A helicopter tour of Maui Hawaii is an altogether different experience from flying in a plane. Think of it as the magic carpet ride of ancient tales come to life....

Chatten Hayes

Chatten Hayes

Chatten Hayes is at home in Oregon and on Maui. The native Portlander has written for The Oregonian newspaper since 1997. She thinks of herself as a feature writer, not necessarily a travel writer, but she's written features of interest to travelers for Maui.Net, Sunset Magazine, Northwest Airlines WorldTraveler, Hawaii Magazine and Travel Portland.

Chatten shares her Oregon home with three spoiled cats and one very sweet husband, David. In her spare time she studies Italian, in case she needs to rush off to Italy. It nevers hurts to be prepared, she thinks.


Maui's Wind Farm - Ancient Hawaiians harnessed wind for voyaging, but modern islanders benefit from Maui's breezes right at home, with electricity generated by Kaheawa Wind Power in the West Maui Mountains.
Reef Awareness - Maui's coral reefs are rare and precious. Learn how to treat them tenderly on your next Maui snorkeling expedition.

Judy Edwards

Judy Edwards

In 1994 Judy meant to move to Baja, but circumstances intervened and she was captured by Maui instead -- to the benefit of us all!

Blog: Green Maui

3 Perfect Days On Maui: Five Thousand Days Distilled Into Three


Snorkeling Fever - Caution! Snorkeling on Maui can induce a feverish fascination.
Turtle Love - At your first glimpse of a Hawaiian green sea turtle, you're bound to be smitten. Next thing you know, it's a sea turtle tattoo over your heart.

Taj Barnhart

Taj Barnhart

Taj Barnhart is a Realtor and an occasional contributor to "All Things Maui"


Ice Bars and Hearts in the Sky - Hawaii's high-rollers show us how to glam up Maui destination weddings.
The Best of Maui - Learn about the little things that make Maui special -- customs, quirks, and island favorites.

Shena Koch: Maui Weddings

Shena Koch

Shena moved to Maui in 1990 and has worked in the travel industry for most of that time. She's currently an on-site wedding co-ordinator where she oversees the location, ministerial management, photography, videography, catering, music, flowers and a million more details to make sure that people from all over the world have the best wedding experience possible.

Blog: Maui Weddings

Listmania: Top Ten Maui Honeymoon Spots

Marti: Maui Restaurants


AKA Martha Rosenquist is our esteemed restaurant blogger and occasional article contributor.

Blog: Maui Restaurants

3 Perfect Days on Maui: Beyond Beach & Resort


Maui With the Kids - You've booked your flights for your family, arranged the hotel, and dusted off the flippers. Now, are you ready to make a lei, pick a pineapple, play giant checkers with coconut shells, and dive into the charm and special ambiance of Maui life?

Ray Mains: Maui Photography

Ray Mains

Ray Mains is an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in numerous local and national publications, from National Geographic to Aloha Magazine, and many in-between. His new book, the "Views of Maui" by Ray Mains, includes 30 brilliant full size and double page photos of Maui.

Blog: Maui Photography


Many photos on the website have been contributed by Ray Mains. Look for his attribution!