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Perfect Maui Wedding

Jul. 14, 2008 (3822 views)

Aloha!  I wanted to thank some people for putting together a great wedding for my neice, Keilana.Maui Executive Catering - did a great job with some delicious pupu's and entrees.  The short-ribs were incredible!!Natalie Brown Photography - Natalie was such a pleasure to have.  She was unobtrusive during the ceremony and so sweet.  The images we've seen so far in the slideshow are amazing! ...

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Posted By Maui Hawaii 808


Jul. 6, 2008 (3189 views)

My heart is aching to be in for my kids to be near their dad in So. Cal. keeps me from the waters that heal me.  Home that I bought for my future dwelling sits on the water's edge, hoping that a good renter will come and lift the burden off my shoulders.  Hopes and wishes for my boys outweigh my own hopes and wishes for myself.  Please just pray for me to keep my home waiting for me in paradise.  Maui no ka oi!!...

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Posted By beachladyy

The Garden Spa - A True Maui Gem

Jun. 20, 2008 (4137 views)

Many times in our lives we just need to find that quiet space that is nurturin...

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Posted By Brent Turner

2 weeks and counting...

Jun. 20, 2008 (2901 views)

Well, we're down to 2 weeks until we leave to come back to our favorite island in the Pacific.  We can't wait to see what experiences we'll have this time around......

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Posted By MauiBoy

GreenMauiGuide Maui, Hawaii

Jun. 4, 2008 (3847 views)

Hello Bloggers, This is Green Maui Guide back again this week to tell you about our website and ask people to please come visit our site for more information about green and ways to be environmentally responsible in your daily living practices. You can also myspace us at our myspace page for further info or just to be our friend, thanks for your support and look forward to seeing you in our forums posting...

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Posted By Green Maui Guide

GreenMauiGuide Maui, Hawaii

May. 28, 2008 (3577 views)

Hey fellow bloggers,Thanks for reading and please go to our new website to join our forum and find out about being enviornmentally responsible through green practices. we are an organization that driven by Maui college student to inform the community about being green. Thanks for your time and please stop by our site for further information!Thanks

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Posted By Green Maui Guide

Sunrise at Haleakala

May. 22, 2008 (7837 views)

My husband and I will be making our 3 trip to Maui in October and are trying to decide if this time around we want to watch the sunrise from Mt. Haleakala. We would love to hear from those who loved it, and from those who didn't, and why. Also, if you have some tips that made the trip easier or more enjoyable for you, please share!...

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Posted By Lani

I'm booked for Maui

Apr. 6, 2008 (6882 views)

Hey all,This is my first trip to Maui.  What are some cool things to do with my 3 kids ( 23, 21 and 18 year olds).  We are staying in Lahania. Arriving April 30.Good places to eat????Hiking??Waterfalls??Snorkeling??Biking???Look forward to your replysBarb:-)...

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Posted By canuck

Affordable Housing On Maui

Apr. 3, 2008 (4433 views)

Affordable Homes. It has become a controversial term these days. People from all walks of life have different interpretations and attitudes on it. One only has to mention “affordable homes” in a conversation and you’ll hear a tremendous amount of opinions and point of views, some are very emphatic, and some are apathetic. I am quite familiar with the issues of Affordable Homes on Maui because I work with a developer/builder who is dedicated to building affordable homes for the...

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Posted By Lizas Eyeview


Mar. 31, 2008 (1744 views)

hi im new and just wanted to say hi and that i will be around alot so0o0o0o0o0 yea bye and add me....... :))  =p <3 love ya all no homo hit mii up at

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Posted By XxCutiiexX