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Visiting Freinds that live on Maui..

Aug. 2, 2009 (2245 views)

We was visiting friends and learned, things are slowing down..Employment it hard to find so, please tip well to the ones that are still working......

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Posted By farmer


Jul. 30, 2009 (1913 views)

aww what a cool website!I miss maui and my family there! thank you god! for blessing me to feel the aloha spirit and being able to spread it everyhere even here in good ole east tennesse! blessed islands god willing ill return soon! aloha to all and mispah! may the lord be between the and i as we are apart!...

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Posted By kelli

County notices require constant Internet vigilance

Jul. 29, 2009 (2555 views)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR PUBLISHED JULY 25TH:{ I just received an "e-mail alert" from the Maui County Planning Commission that read: "A new event will appear on the site in 11 days. When that happens, you can click on the link below to go directly to the new posting - Maui Planning Commission." Eleven days? Is this an example of the best our employees can do with this technology? Perhaps that is why no one showed up for the first hearings on the Charley Young beach issue. We forgot...

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Posted By Friends of Charley Young Beach

Looking foward to our 1st visit to Maui

Jul. 21, 2009 (1515 views)

If you can give us any helpful hints on the Maui experience you enjoyed. We planning on going next year to Maui and want to know all we can.THANKSGreatly happy to you.JOJO...

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Posted By Jo Jo

plannng a trip to Maui

Jun. 10, 2009 (1984 views)

Today 06/10/2009 my brothers and i have planned to take our mother to maui for her 75 birthday 01/12/2011 :) My girlfriend Lee ann has been there 4 time so she will be our maui resource.What an exciting time it should be the family trip of all our lives....

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Posted By chuck

Cultural Diversity on Maui

Jun. 7, 2009 (3303 views)

I love a lot of things about Maui. I think I’ve said this a hundred times...

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Posted By A Maui Blog

Hawaii's Blue Sharks ~ Facing Extinction

Apr. 27, 2009 (3724 views)

Blue sharks are found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters.  In Hawaii these beautiful sharks can also be seen in near-shore waters as well.  The largest blue shark on record, according to researchers, was 12.6 feet, but they are rumored to reach up to 20 feet.  This length has yet to be documented.  Researchers believe male sharks mature first around 4 to 5 years old and about 9 feet in length.  Females age about 5 to 6 years and...

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Posted By Katie Velasquez

Spinner or Bottlenose ~ How do you tell?

Apr. 21, 2009 (7945 views)

We are often asked about porpoise and dolphins when we are out on the water during one of our marine safaris.  First, we do not have porpoise in Hawaiian waters.  Porpoise have very blunt rostrums, short, triangular dorsal fins and their teeth are spade shaped.  In the above photos, the triangular-shaped, dark dorsal fin is a spinner dolphin, whose rostrum...

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Posted By Katie Velasquez

Male Humpbacks Time Running Out

Apr. 13, 2009 (2514 views)

Although it is the end of the season, there are still many humpback whales around the Hawaiian islands looking to mate.  This very large male escort traveling next to a lovely female appeared to be very agitated.  There were at least six other males behind him trying to take his place, something he was trying to prevent with every ounce of his strength.  Fighting males not only...

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Posted By Katie Velasquez

New To Maui

Mar. 20, 2009 (2072 views)

really enjoyed our visit to the islands.Was there the last eartquake oct 15 2006,What a shake...

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Posted By rhoter