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Experience Maui Net as never before!
$130.00 of new features and services
for just $2.00 more per month!

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Exclusively for Premium Upgrade Members:

Requirements: Must already have a Maui Net Dial Up or DSL account. CLICK HERE to establish one.

Webcelerate Dial Up Accelerator Plus
Race through the Internet up to 5X FASTER on your dial up connection! The more you browse the Internet, the faster it becomes. Included is a built in Pop-Up Blocker and Ad Stopper. Block virtually all pop-up, pop-under, and in-site advertisements from loading. Also included is an intelligent Download Manager, which allows you to download faster and smarter. At this time, software compatible for Windows PC's only. Valued at over $5.00 per month if purchased elsewhere. more...
My DataBook Online Organizer
Create your own online organizer to help bring order to your life. Schedule meetings, birthdays, and special events. Manage your contacts with the integrated address book. Create daily "to do" lists or keep notes on projects. AND never forget anything with the built in Email reminder service. Accessible from any Internet connected computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And best of all, it can't get lost or stolen! more...
WebSite Builder
Create your own website in minutes using our new online website builder. No HTML knowledge necessary. Just click, type, and you're done! Valued at $20.00 a month for similar products elsewhere. more...
Personalized WWW Sub-Domain
Get your own www.yourname.maui.net address for your website! Make it easier for your friends & family to find your site. Valued at $5.00 per month if purchased separately. more...
5 Additional Email Boxes/25 Email Addresses
Enough for the entire family! Use your aliases as disposable email addresses to fill out on-line forms, warranties, contests, etc. If you start receiving spam at those addresses, simply discard them and setup new ones at no additional charge! Each additional email box is allocated up to 4 additional addresses (aliases). Valued at $100.00 per month if purchased separately. more...
Unlimited Autoresponders
Set-up fully automated Email responses when someone sends you Email. Great for when you are on vacation, under the weather, or away from the office. Create personalized messages, or use our pre-formatted response. Valued at over $10.00 per month if purchased separately. more...
U-Blog-Dat! (online journal/weblog)
Online journaling is the newest up-and-coming thing on the Internet. Post your thoughts, feelings, impressions, opinions. etc. post text, images, & sound files to share with others, or to keep a record just for yourself. Think a site is cool, tell others, or link to it! All the formatting is taken care of for you. more...
Maui Net has launched a brand new Home Page for our members which you can now customize to fit your interests and needs. Check your email, follow stocks, get the latest news headlines, search the Internet, see what movies are playing where, and a whole lot more! Why search multiple web sites while you can get it all from your own personalized start page! more...
My Photos
Share your digital photos easily with friends and family around the world via Email or a web site. Makes downloading your pictures faster by automatically re-sizing and optimizing them for the Internet. Also, you can upload your images directly into your web site through your browser, no FTP'ing needed. Create thumbnail panels, full page layouts, or an online slideshow! more...

Webcelerate Dial Up Accelerator Plus

My DataBook Online Organizer

WebSite Builder

Personal WWW Sub-Domain

5 Additional
Email Boxes
25 Email Addresses

Unlimited Autoresponders



My Photos

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Complete and submit the form below. You will automatically be directed to your start page at www.my.maui.net, where you can login and start customizing the content. In 15 minutes, you will also be able to take advantage of the rest of your Premium Services!

Yes, give me a Premium Upgrade, and start my 30 day FREE trial. Afterwhich, I will enjoy $130.00 worth of services for just $2.00 more per month. I will notify Maui Net in writing if I want to cancel.

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• http://smith.maui.net/
• http://shaveice.maui.net/
• http://jonesretail.maui.net/
Select a subdomain that says something about you or your business!

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