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  • Skyline Eco-Adventures
  • Kaanapali, HI 96761
  • (808) 878-8400

3 Reviews

The inaccessible is now accessible with our unique zipline adventure! Soar above streams and valleys in lush West Maui and get a view that cannot be attained by any other means. Our guides teach you about rich Hawaiian history and biological diversity as you zip down cables through the untouched Kaanapali area on a 4-hour tour. Daily tours offered. All tours include a continental breakfast or lunch. Closed-toe shoes required.

3 User Reviews

What an Adventure!

We were attracted to the Skyline Eco-Adventures zip line because it included 8 zips! And the longest is 1000 yards! The scenery was spectacular: we were up in the mountains, looking down on the city, islands & ocean, zipping over valleys. The guides were proficient-and very funny, as well! We're a retired couple and with their instructions, we kept up with the rest of the group. It was a fabulous experience!!!! One thing should be noted: This is ACTIVE zip-lining, not PASSIVE. With the equipment used, you have much more control and a much more exciting experience. You're not just sitting in a seat which travels along a wire. If that's what you want, this is not the zip for you! Great experience!!!!

Maui Zipline 5 star"Hooked on Maui"

Maui Hook Bracelet 8mm

"My wife and i live here and my 18 year old daughter and her boy friend came here from visit so we went on the zipline tour on Haleakala (not the Kaanapali side)what a RUSH. It was a lot of fun, mostly due to the tour guides. ..." i have to say it's a must do for locals too. Carl & Lisa Leasenfeld of Handcrafted Island Jewelry,Maui hook bracelets.

Fun zipline

We went on the zipline tour on Haleakala (not the Kaanapali side). It was a lot of fun, mostly due to the tour guides. The 7 ziplines were great, and there was one rope bridge that you cross. Unfortunately, it was a dry year last year, so the sights weren't as pretty. Would be great on a wet year. Eucalyptus forest is incredible, and the lines are a rush!

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