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  • Feast at Lele
  • 505 Front St.
  • Lahaina, HI 96761
  • (808) 667-5353

3 Reviews

Indulge yourself in a complete 5-course epicurean meal while being treated to a heaping dose of traditional Polynesian culture. Blending ideas from the Pacific islands of Aotearoa, Tahiti, Samoa, and Hawaii, the Feast at Lele gives you a royal tour like no other, complete with a special West Maui sunset. Each new delicious course brings not only another mouth-watering taste to your palate, but also a journey to another exotic island, complete with unforgettable demonstrations of native culture, including dance and chant.

3 User Reviews

Feast at Lele, Maui's finest Luau

My wife and I have tried other Luau's on the island only to walk away when confronted with continuous seating arrangements and buffet style self service. We didn't stay long enough to see any performances. We have been to the Feast of Lele at least seven times and have never been disappointed. The seating is personable, seating couples at individual tables and family members together. The food is brought to you in three different settings, representative of the history being portrayed by the performances of the entertainers. The show is educational and entertaining. This is a must to see.

what to do in maui?

Me and my boyfriend is going to maui for 2 weeks? an we dont know what to do when we get down there.

Hula with a twist of fine dining

The Feast at Lele is truly one of the premier Luau experience's in Hawaii. The Island of Lanai is your backdrop with the stage viewing this incredible scenery and the vibrant colors of the sunset painting the sky, welcoming you to an enchanting evening.

You are greeted at the Feast with a Colorful fragrant flower Lei, and a good feeling of aloha. Next you’re off to your group’s private table, and there's not a bad seat in the house. Once your situated, they'll whisk you off for a quick photo. The Feast of Lele wait staff was very attentive and starts you off with an interesting Appetizer of Hearty Dried Banana strips and salsa, and they take your drink order. The drink choices also have good variety, and other than top shelf options (which you can order additionally) and they offer more variety then usual. Looking around at the tables, there were several families, a lot of singles and many couples.

This still can be a good family luau if you have older (teen age) children, who will really appreciate the quality. Vegetarians they have a great option for them too, and I know that anyone wanting meatless options should still be very satisfied. Just look at their incredible menu on their brochure, (and they can fax you the veggie menu) and you'll see that indeed you are in for not only a feast but also a high quality dinning experience. You are served four full courses, and dessert making up the fifth. The food was tasty, and their was just enough leisure time in between courses, but I must say by the end of the 4th course you are truly satisfied and may have a hard time getting to your dessert.

The dancers were also polished performers, they have a very attentive staff, combine all of this and you've created a very nice dinning experience with a top-notch show. Throw in an incredible backdrop of Lanai, a backless stage with that as your vantage point, an open air feeling under the stars, and you've just had a very nice evening.

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