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Valley Isle Excursions Sky

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Known to the locals as "Big Beach", it is often designated as THE beach to visit. At two-thirds of a mile long, and approximately 100 yards wide, this beach is very popular on the weekends. A great place to snorkle, body board, and swim. Portable restrooms, picnic tables, and paved parking is available.

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Remember this is not a state park

You are not only on your own for refreshments, and bathroom, but people will expect you to pack out every single piece of stuff you brought in...all the way down to a gum wrapper...Also, don't leave stuff... some of our local hoodlums think of Big Beach as their shopping area...five finger nothing in the trunk and certainly not in plain view of the car, and even when you leave the towel keep an eye open...

Otherwise, this is one of the great beaches in the world...unreal size and scale..great outer island views, fun waves for boogeyboards, be careful...check the signs to see if the currents are running too strong...

Think of currents like winds...they come and go, but when they are around they usually follow a path...sometimes you have to take your patio furniture inside...sometimes you have to stay out of the ocean currents...


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