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  • Maui's Winery/Tedeschi Vineyards
  • Ulupalakua, HI
  • (877) 878-6058

Welcoming you with open arms at the end of a scenic journey all the way to quaint Ulupalakua is Maui's Winery. Adorned by blooming jacarandas and infused with that gentle Ulupalakua Ranch essence, we are Maui's only commercial winery and are located across the Ranch Store, where you can pick up a tasty snack or meal. At the winery, immerse yourself in the interesting history of the place, tour the magnificent grounds, and learn how a native Hawaiian forest was reforested on the ranch. Our tasting room, where you can sample still and sparkling wines, is open daily from 10am to 5pm and is free to the public. Guided tours of the winery are offered. No reservations required.

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