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  • Piiholo Ranch Horseback Riding in Makawao
  • Makawao, HI
  • (808) 357-5544

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Share in six generations of ranching in beautiful upcountry Maui! Travel the trail of adventure and fun with the Baldwin family as they take you on a journey through endless open pasture and quaint seclusion. Two rides offered daily Monday-Saturday. Max 6 riders per trip. Special arrangements for larger groups available. Choose between a morning lunch ride, a country ride, or private rides, with refreshments. A BBQ lunch is included in the morning lunch ride. Horsemanship lessons available.

2 User Reviews

Great riding experience!

Great experience for beginning rider! My husband has never ridden a horse before and was a bit worried. They were prepared for a variety of abilities and gave him a very gentle horse. He said he would recommend it to anyone.

The view was fantastic and he had a chance to have his picture taken by the guide. Don't bring a camera so you can focus on enjoying the ride and the beauty around you.

Because he was on a gentle horse he was in the very back which meant he couldn't hear the guide. It didn't matter too much since the guide had a foreign accent and was difficult to understand.

Unfortunately he didn't bring a baseball cap to keep the sun out of his eyes because he thought they would be giving him a riding cap or helmet. It isn't standard practice to give out helmets but they found one for him to wear. The horse was so calm it probably didn't matter. Remember to bring a hat to protect you from the sun or the rain.

I'm under 5'5" and over 160 pounds so they wouldn't let me ride. It was a big disappointment but probably better that I didn't go because they advise against riding if you have any back problems. This is something they don't mention in a brochure so you need to be aware of it.

They did tell me on the phone that there weren't any walking trails or much to do if I wanted to wait for him at the ranch.

The other problem we encounter was the hassle of having to change our plans because they called the day before to say that they cancelled his ride and wanted him to come on a different day.

Pleasant Ride & Lovely Countryside

My son and I had fun on this ride. It was great to see the beautiful, hidden landscape of upcountry Maui.

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