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Serving Maui and Maui visitors for over 23 years. Hawaiian Island Surf & Sport is a full-service ocean sports shop specializing in anything and everything related to surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, skimboarding, and boogie boarding, with the largest selection of rental equipment and accessories in Maui.


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HISS is the bomb

Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport is a full on Surf shop. You can get everything from shortboards, fishes, longboards, funboards, bodyboards to swim shorts, sun glasses, wax and fins-you name it.

The people at HISS are always helpful and have impressed me very much with much detail they give you when you ask them something.

When I was just beginning to surf, I went in there to ask some advice on if I should get an epoxy or poly board. The dude there gave me the skinny on both situations including pros and cons. Suffice it to say, I got both 0_o. But I wouldn't have spent double the money and put myself into more debt without them! Great store and at a great location.

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