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  • Kaanapali Sunset Luau at Black Rock
  • Kaanapali, HI
  • (808) 877-4852

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Located at the renowned Black Rock in Kaanapali, this luau is cloaked by a beautiful Hawaiian sunset like no other. Join us for an unforgettable evening of Hawaiian arts and crafts, a steamy all-you-can-eat luau dinner, and memorizing entertainment by a Tihati Polynesia Revue. Offered Monday and Wednesday nights at the Sheraton Maui Resort.

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This Luau Rock's

The Kaanapali Sunset Luau, on the beautiful grounds of the Kaanapali Sheraton. This is yet another successful Tahati productions, which you can always expect a quality luau, with nice Grounds to Match. Situated right next to Black Rock, and the manicured lawn area, just seems to add a more natural feel. It's conducive to going barefoot, and watching the colorful Sunset. This was an incredible evening for an opening night, with the balmy trades blowing just right, to keep the audience at just the right temperature.

The added bonus to this luau is the traditional ceremonial lighting of the torches which where incorporated into the show. They do this nightly, but the master of Ceremonies has the audience turn around, or in my case walk out closer to the action to film it, to both hear and see this special ritual, all rounded out with the blessing of the gods, his torch being tossed and then diving into the water. All of this with the colors of Orange and red as a pastel painted sky and only a silhouette is visible.

As usual, the Dancers are polished performers, friendly, yet still have fun with both their dance and their guests. The interactive portion prior to the luau starting was a hit, and once the show got started in has a nice flow, ending with the high energy fire knife dancing. One note make sure to take your parking ticket with you for validation, it's still $2.00 at the Sheraton, but I think about $10.00 without. There show are only on Monday's and Wednesday, but this is yet another excellent Hawaiian Luau.

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