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Kamaka ukulele and Maui Music Koa ukuleles as well as other fine ukuleles and musical instruments are available at Bounty Music. Also Hula supplies and music boxes.

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Aloha Sun Botanicals All Natural Bath and Bodycare Products Made on Maui to pamper and rejuvenate your skin.

Oh Baby is a place where you can always find the perfect gift for anyone. Then, while you shop, you realize how much you'd like to buy something for yourself. The products at Oh Baby are unique in that most are conceived, designed, and crafted by owner Jeanette. Jeanette has showered her guests with the Aloha Spirit for over 25 years and gives a piece of herself away with each and every product in the store. That's because all of these items come from her unique ideas and her creative spirit.

Maui Coffee Roasters and Hawaii's Best Espresso Company.

Teach children to swim easier with a suit that is helping. Removeable floaties make this Maui-made product a necessity for all Children ages 1 - 6 who play near water.

A rich line of beautifully designed skin care products from the island of Maui. Elegantly packaged, quality ingredients, reasonably priced.